Victoria had been taking care of an elderly lady with many medical problems and that assignment lasted 7-1/2 years. With that experience behind her, she felt that she could provide the best service possible knowing what it is like to be a caregiver and knowing what could be done to provide excellent service.  She decided to open United Senior Services, Inc. in 2007 and the business has grown steadily. 

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Our Story

In 2004, as my 83 year old Mother, Harriet, displayed  the symptoms of dementia, our family decided that she needed help in her home. We retained the services of an agency to provide a woman to live with Mom  to make sure that she was safe and never alone. Since all caregivers need time off, we made sure that the backup caregiver was also a good match for Mom’s needs. Our main caregiver said it was her birthday on Saturday and invited me to meet her friends who were also caregivers. I did attend and happened to sit next to a beautiful woman. We introduced ourselves and we started to chat. Six months later I was married to Victoria.

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